02 October 2006

Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'etoiles ce soir - Sylvie Testud

I'm not sure if this has been translated into English. But check it out if it is... and if it isn't, learn French!!

First novel of actress Sylvie Testud,
Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'etoiles ce soir (There aren't many starts tonight) treats us with funny chronicles on the life of a girl (a bit) like the others who happens to be actress. So she finds herself in extravagant situations, naked against a near stranger also naked for whom she must be seized by passion on order, naked again getting some make-up on the butt by a near stranger suddenly very intimate, not naked (well, not always, come on!), so clothed and ordered to jump from the 3rd floor for a movie and rebelling to defend her life against this order which insanity nobody-but-her realizes. There are others still, like her efforts to pretend to walk normally whereas she must calibrate her footsteps exactly to step between the rails that enable the camera to make a beautiful travelling and her unfathomable disappointment that her efforts go unnoticed by the audience, her dumstruck awe when she is lent a haute-couture dress, HER, one-night princess before returning to being a Cinderella who knows how to appreciate the loveliness of a glass of wine with her janitor...

Bitter-sweet chronicles, funny and caustic, but first of all funny. She has a sharp eye and a lively writing. This gives an extremely endearing book, evidenced by the fact that it's an undroppable page-turner. And we look at the actress in a different way. Next time we'll see her walking casually in a travelling sequence, we'll know. Sylvie, we'll know all the efforts you've done to walk exactly between the rails and we'll be swooning in admiration.

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